More than 1000 LA firefighters are unvaccinated. Will October’s city vax mandate change that?

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“This is tyranny.” That’s how one LA City Fire Department captain described the city’s vaccine mandate, which goes into effect in early October once approved by the mayor. Captain Cristian Granucci publicly expressed his displeasure on Youtube.

Although the most vocal, Captain Granucci is not alone. More than 1,000 LA City firefighters remain unvaccinated, according to the LA Fire Department. Chief Ralph Terrazas is encouraging everyone to get inoculated before October.

“We all swore an oath to obey the laws of the city and this is, simply put, one of them,” says LAFD Captain Erik Scott.

Exemptions will only be allowed for qualifying medical or religious reasons. Exempt workers must be tested once a week and wear respiratory protection at all times.

The LA Fire Department does not have disciplinary measures in place currently for those who are unvaccinated without an exemption, but Scott says that could change.

“This pandemic is unprecedented, and so as these requirements are adjusted within city level, then our fire department will amend its policies appropriately,” he says.