‘LA is where it’s at for vegan food’: Plant-based chef Lauren Toyota on Vegandale Festival

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This Saturday, the first-ever Vegandale Festival will take place at Los Angeles State Historic Park in Chinatown. Hosted by vegan Chef Lauren Toyota, the event will feature plant-based food from over 100 vendors (30 of which will be from out town), merchandise, and music. 

Toyota recommends trying deep-fried oyster mushrooms, hot wings, and cheeseburgers. “And we’ve got these eggloo Hong Kong-style waffles stuffed with all kinds of ice cream and fun stuff. It’s really unique food. It doesn’t even matter that it’s plant-based vegan. It’s just good, interesting food.”

She adds, “Los Angeles is a total hotspot for vegan food. Obviously, everywhere you go, you’ll find lots of options and substitutes on the menu. … As someone who comes from Canada, now living in LA, LA is where it’s at for vegan food.” 

Lauren Toyota recommends trying meatless cheeseburgers at this Saturday’s Vegandale Festival. Photo by Vanessa Heins.