Omicron has businesses rethinking in-person work

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“We're going into year three of organizations really defining how they can work remotely. And you look at the numbers, it hasn't had any negative impact on their ability to [generate] revenue at all,” says George Montgomery, a business owner in Culver City. Photo by Shutterstock.

With Omicron, many offices resemble ghost towns again, and questions emerge about the future of in-person work. It’s especially true in Culver City.  

Salt in My Soul” is a documentary and book about former KCRW intern Mallory Smith, who died of cystic fibrosis at age 25. Her mom Diane is raising awareness about CF and the new medical technologies to fight it. 

Marty Roberts — of the beloved jazz lounge duo Marty and Elayne — passed away this week. His wife Elayne says, “The two of us were like a unit. We didn't really need anything else.”