Afghanistan; WikiLeaks; Jobs; Taxes; Fed; Deficit

To much madness, so little time! Obama's surprise visit to Afghanistan tops the news. What WikiLeaks revealed was embarrassing but was it classified? Will it really hurt? Jobs outlook is still heading downward, as unemployment benefits are not extended. Does the deficit matter more than people do? Tax cuts for the rich in a time of war and record unemployment...where is the Democrats' outrage? Is the Fed or Congress running the economic show? And will there ever be financial regulation that works.



Banner image: US President Barack Obama (C) shakes hands with troops after addressing them at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan December 3, 2010 during a surprise visit for the holidays. Photo: Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images

I'm starting a contest for all my fellow radical centrists out there because we need a better name. I'm frustrated that at a time when more than ever we need a third-party style radical center, the "center" still has a lousy image – people think of the "dull, sensible center" -- or the "mushy middle" – as if it was about finding some bogus compromises between the inadequate bromides on offer from both parties – instead of what it is – a bold attempt to go beyond left and right by harnessing market forces for public purposes in ways equal to the magnitude of our problems.

So we need a better brand. I use "Radical Center" because I haven't come up with something better. I'd love your help. Is it the "Dirty Sexy Center?" The "Hot Center?" Post your name for this bold new third party-style center that we need to build in American politics to our blog below. The winner will get a signed copy of my book, The Tyranny of Dead IdeasI'll announce the winner on December 17.