Jobs and the Recession; Auto Execs, Tin Ear to Tin Cup; Mumbai Terror

Some 530,000 jobs lost in November alone as the auto-company execs change their tin ears and corporate jets to tin cups and a hybrid car ride to DC. Is it policy making or a morality play? Bob's worried about Paul Krugman's prediction for a double-digit drop in the economy. Arianna calls the economy a stalled plane that needs a jump-start -- in mid-air. Tony, without being too Pollyanna-ish, says it may be the worst month for job losses but it's ranked the 41st worst month as a percentage of total jobs. He disagrees with Bob who says those trillion dollars have been wasted on the financial industry, and calls for massive spending on the part of government (Bob calls that socialism!). The terror in Mumbai is treated briefly followed by some rather rushed rants.