Jobs; Prop 8; MO v ObamaCare; Michelle Spain; Tax Cuts

Still not enough jobs and a slow economy to boot; this may be a politically and rhetorically treacherous time for Obama. He can't spin good news to a non-believing public. Is Proposition 8 a human-rights or moral issue? Should that which the people endorse be allowed to be overturned by judges? Missouri makes its voice heard against ObamaCare. Michelle Obama stands accused of missing her husband's birthday and vacationing lavishly in Spain. And should the Bush tax cuts be continued in a time of great deficits? If they are, should spending cuts be put in place? (Arianna Huffington is away.)

Banner image: A Proposition 8 opponent holds a sign during a rally to celebrate the ruling to overturn Proposition 8 August 4, 2010 in San Francisco, California. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images