Missiles; Baucus Plan; Financial Reform; Glenn Beck

Was Obama's reversal on the missile shield an act of pure symbolism? Is dropping it an overture to Russia or an outrageous betrayal of Eastern Europe? Can NATO survive? The Baucus healthcare plan has virtually no support. What's the next step in reforming healthcare? As Bob puts it, Baucus makes it a crime not to have healthcare. Why is the government’s delivering you to private industry not socialism but providing a public option is? Obama went to Wall Street. Did the bankers listen to him? Can real regulatory reform be far behind or too much of a fantasy? Finally, we've entered the Era of Uncivil Discourse...the Glenn Becking of America. Who's really calling whom a bad name?

Banner image: Senator Max Baucus (D-MT), Chairman of the Senate Finance Committeee, announces his plan for healthcare reform at a press conference in Washington DC. Photo: Carolyn Bunce