Obama's Nobel Speech; Bank Bonuses; Healthcare; Blackwater/CIA

Obama's muscular moralism? Irreconcilable concepts? A new direction? LRC weighs in on Obama's Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. Bob sides with neo-con Robert Kagan, Tony says words are lovely but don't relate to the realities we face, and Arianna says we're conjuring existential threats without saying why the war in Afghanistan is dangerous. Plus, big bonuses to bankers will get a 50% windfall tax in Britain and in the US, Goldman Sachs says its top 30 or 40 won't be getting bonuses this year. But is it just PR and another accounting trick? On healthcare, the Senate keeps throwing spaghetti against the wall. Will anything stick? And Blackwater and CIA in bed together -- who's surprised?

Banner image: Barack Obama signs the guest book at the Norwegian Nobel Institute. Copyright © The Norwegian Nobel Institute 2009 Photo: Ken Opprann