Pelosi; Obama on Gitmo; Financial Reforms; Healthcare

What did Nancy Pelosi know when about the CIA's interrogation methods, echoes of the post-9/11 climate when Democrats voted for Iraq. Will the twists and turns weaken the Speaker and the Democratic leadership's unity? How will it affect the President's legislative agenda?  Also, Obama's reversal on military tribunals for detainees: a flip-flop or a measured look at the situation from his new vantage point of the presidency? What is right and wrong with regards to the fundamental needs of Democracy? Plus, the Treasury pressures Wall Street on financial reforms, including credit cards, derivatives, and executive compensation. Finally, as Obama meets with all key parties, healthcare reform may move quicker than Republicans can stop it. What change can really happen? Will it suffer same fate as Clinton's plan?

Banner image of embattled House Speaker Nancy Pelosi addressing the media: Abby Brack/Getty Images