The Dems' Denver Surge; McCain's Palin Surprise

John McCain exploded the news agenda today with his surprising choice of running mate, Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska. The GOP presumptive presidential nominee nearly blew Obama's speech and the Democratic Convention right out of the headlines. Is she, as Bob said, "Hillary's worst nightmare, a young Phyllis Schlafley breaking through the cracks in her glass ceiling" or a brilliant move to wrest those alienated blue-collar women away from Hillary and over to the Republicans?

At the Democratic Convention, Bill Clinton gave an impassioned speech, something he's a natural at doing, and the Clintons did their part in endorsing Barack Obama him. But did they really "credential" him? Tony, who said he'd be relieved if Obama proposed Bill Clinton's economic policies, is worried about Obama's implied protectionism in a global economy. Matt's worried that if elected, the expectations Obama is arousing with his ambitious agenda cannot be paid for; and Bob wants to bring on the regulation for all those banking villains who've bankrupted America.