The New Corporate World Order; Religion in American Politics

Today we step back from the week's news and explore two broad themes at play in American politics. (Guest host Ed Kilgore sits in for Arianna Huffington.)

Part One of the program addresses the role of multinational corporations and their responsibility to the American economy and its workers. As Robert writes in his Truthdig column: "The loss of well-paying jobs at multinationals to other nations exacerbates the plight of US consumers while making the foreign customers even more attractive." Are multinationals strengthening or weakening the American economy, and as they continue to dominate the global economy, what is the fate of the nation state?

Also, as Americans celebrate Easter and Passover, we address the role of religion in American politics in Part Two of the program. How does our national Judeo-Christian heritage inform contemporary cultural and political debate, and how is religion having an impact in the early days of GOP presidential politics?