Torture; B of A; Credit; Stress Tests; Chrysler; Susan Boyle

The "torture memos" fallout continues, with calls from the far left to “cut off their heads.” Is this wise? How could Obama not have predicted the outcry? Ken Lewis, CEO of Bank of America, told Andrew Cuomo that then-Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and Fed Chairman Ben Bernancke muzzled him not to reveal to shareholders or the public the terrible condition of Merrill Lynch during B of A’s takeover deal. What does it mean? Also, President Obama scolds the credit card companies for their outrageous rates, the possibility that a Chrysler bankruptcy could good for the workers, if done right. Plus, the fairytale story of YouTube star, English singer Susan Boyle. A great hope for humanity?

Banner image: A young boy watches Britain's Got Talent contestant Susan Boyle on YouTube. Photo: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images