Wall Street v. Main Street; Healthcare; Balloon Boy

Is the economy on the rise just because Wall Street hit 10,000 again? What about that 10 percent unemployment figure? The dog that hasn't barked yet: commercial real estate and toxic assets. Healthcare passed out of the Senate Finance Committee and needs a lot of reconciliation. Will there be a public option, a trigger or mandated subsidies? And how are we going to pay for it all? Balloon boy…truth or fiction?

Banner image: Falcon Heene (C), stands in the garage where he earlier climbed up PVC pipes to hide in the attic yesterday in Ft. Collins, Colorado. The six-year-old was found hiding in his family's attic after his siblings had erroneously reported that he was riding aboard an experimental balloon built by his father. Media helicopters, military aircraft and the FAA all assisted in tracking down the wayward balloon. Photo: John Moore/Getty Images