‘Single All the Way,’ ‘Real Housewives of the North Pole’: Which Christmas films are worth watching?

Press Play looks at this year’s slate of holiday offerings: “Single All The Way,” about a single man who persuades his best friend to pretend to be his boyfriend for a holiday trip home; “The Nine Kittens of Christmas,” about two cat lovers who reunite when they’re tasked with finding new homes for kittens; “Reba McEntire’s Christmas in Tune,” in which Reba McEntire and John Schneider play two singers who get back together for a Christmas duet; “Kirk Franklin’s A Gospel Christmas,” about a young pastor getting her choir into shape ahead of the town’s Winter Jamboree; “Real Housewives of the North Pole,” about a group of Vermont residents who’ve won their local house decorating each year until a town-wide argument erupts.