Theater project explores Jordan Downs, public housing, and gentrification

The Jordan Downs housing project in Watts has a long history dating back to the 1940s. It’s currently undergoing a billion dollar redevelopment. A new theater project called “A Jordan Downs Illumination” uses interviews, installations, walking tours, and audience participation to tell the history of Jordan Downs.

Some of the cast, crew, and artists from “A Jordan Downs Illumination.” Front L to R: Marianet Tirado (actor), Sophia Sanchez (stage manager), Ashley Arana (actor), Devonne Bowman (actor), Nancy Keystone (director), Fran de Leon (actor), Richard Gallegos (actor), Maria Oliveira (assistant stage manager), Marcenus MC Earl (actor), Nephelie Andonyadis (scenic designer), Bruce Lemon Jr (creative producer). Photo credit: P. Donnelly



  • Nancy Keystone - writer and director of “A Jordan Downs Illumination”
  • Bruce Lemon - director of “The Anonymous Lover”