The role of impeachment in the 2020 election

Impeachment is the elephant in the room at the California Democratic Party Convention. 

Josh Barro, host of KCRW’s “Left, Right and Center,” believes impeachment matters very little for the presidential race. He says, “My impression from seeing what political reporters say they’re hearing on the trail, what candidates are asked about on the trail, it's just not coming up very much.”

Journalist Gustavo Arellano says, “We know how it’s going to end. The Democrats are going to impeach him in the House. The Senate’s going to absolve him. End of story. We’re done in February. Off to the races. Trump’s not going to win any more voters off of this because he’s been crying witch hunt all this time… I’ll say this with the Democrats: At least the ones who really wanted Trump out of office, they say, ‘Okay now, thank you Pelosi. We believe you’re going to be with us against Trump.’ So if anything, I think the Democrats get emboldened more than the Democrats win from this.” 

Nomiki Konst of the Matriarch PAC says a big question for her is:
“Is there going to be a moment… where he could actually have to step down? And would that be good for Democrats or Republicans?”