LA playwright Larissa FastHorse on becoming a MacArthur ‘genius’

Larissa FastHorse at the Theatre Forward's Broadway Roundtable at UBS Headquarters in New York, Jan 25, 2019. FastHorse won a MacArthur “genius” grant today, October 6, 2020. Photo by Joseph Marzullo/

Two Los Angeles residents won MacArthur “genius” grants today. The grants recognize people demonstrating “exceptional creativity” and “promise for important future advances” in their fields. Winners receive $625,000 to spend however they want.

One of the local winners is playwright Larissa FastHorse, a dual citizen of the Sicangu Lakota Nation and the U.S.

The other winner is Natalie Molina, a historian at USC who researches how racial labels applied to immigrants 100 years ago continue to shape public policy.



  • Larissa FastHorse - playwright, award winning writer, and co-founder of Indigenous Direction