Netflix’s ‘Tigertail’ with Tzi Ma: Well-intentioned and sweet, says critic

We review “Trolls: World Tour” (on demand) a sequel to the first movie based on the classic Troll dolls; “Tigertail,” a Netflix original that follows a young man from Taiwan who moves to America in search of a better life; “Love Wedding Repeat,” a Netflix comedy starring Sam Claflin and Olivia Munn; “Summon the Darkness” (on demand), a thriller about three best friends who go to a heavy metal concert in rural Indiana. 

Our critics are Witney Seibold, contributor to IGN and co-host of the podcast “Critically Acclaimed;” and Amy Nicholson, host of the podcast “Unspooled,” and film reviewer for the NY Times.

Trolls: World Tour 

“I have no idea if kids will understand any of the musical jokes that are in here. … I’m wondering if kids will get it when the pop trolls realize that they are the secret enemies of all because they’ve been trying to conquer all genres with sampling,” says Amy Nicholson. 


The movie stars Tzi Ma. “He is really really great. He does have a kind of quiet suffering on his face that really really covers the entire film,” Witney Seibold says.  

Love Wedding Repeat

“The guy who plays the schoolboy crush who shows up at the wedding to destroy the bride’s nuptials, he’s hilarious in the way that he moves. He’s so funny and wacky. But whenever it clicks to everybody else at the table … you just feel the weight of this film and how hard it’s trying to entertain,” Nicholson says. 

Summon the Darkness

“When the twist is revealed … it turns into a pretty straightforward slasher, where there’s villains holding knives, and there are heroes running around, and people getting increasingly injured trying to alert the cops … and it becomes unbelievably boring,” Seibold says.