California has distributed less than half of its COVID vaccine supply. How to make the rollout better?

Dr. Anthony Fauci acknowledged a chaotic and confusing vaccine rollout across the country as he spoke to NBC today: “There are multiple steps: producing the vaccine, getting it into the vials, getting it shipped, getting it distributed, and getting it into peoples’ arms. … There is confusion when you ask a given individual, ‘Well how many are at this stage, and how many are at that stage?’ But we can get our arms around that and get that information pretty quickly.”

Unfortunately California is faring worse than most other states — near the bottom in administering COVID vaccines. Less than half of the available doses have made it into peoples’ arms, Bloomberg reports

In LA County, the slow rollout has been especially frustrating for seniors. They’re eligible but are having trouble making appointments online or getting to vaccination sites. Could there be a better way?



  • Colleen Shalby - LA Times reporter
  • Dr. Charles Pozner - emergency physician and chief of the division of simulation education at Brigham and Women’s Hospital; associate professor in emergency medicine at Harvard Medical School