Buying on Amazon? Your money isn’t all going to the sellers

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“When you make a purchase on Amazon, a third of that is going to Amazon, and only two-thirds is actually ever reaching the seller of the goods, much less the creator far past that,” explains law professor Kathryn Judge. Photo by Shutterstock.

Amazon has taken bigger cuts of each transaction over the past seven years, and its artificially low prices contribute to inflation, says a Columbia law professor.

Omicron BA.5 is spreading faster than previous COVID strains. How should you approach testing now, and what does a negative home result really mean? 

California will be the first state to make its own insulin, Gov. Newsom announced last week. It’s an effort to lower the cost of care for state residents with diabetes. 

Twitter is threatening to sue Elon Musk after he pulled out of a $44 billion plan to buy the social media giant. 

Former Trump strategist Steve Bannon has finally agreed to testify before the January 6 Select Committee. 

Ella Fitzgerald’s 1958 performance at the Hollywood Bowl is now released as an album. She was at the prime of her talent, says her former drummer Gregg Field.