Phoenix Act: Evan Rachel Wood’s story of abuse helped pass a domestic violence bill in California

Actress Evan Rachel Wood revealed on Monday that she suffered years of abuse while dating rock star Marilyn Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner. In an instagram post, she said Manson began grooming her as a teenager. Four more women have since accused the singer of abuse. He’s denied all the allegations.

Wood had talked a lot about being a survivor of domestic violence, though she never named Manson until this week.

She testified before the California State Senate two years ago: “He broke me down through means of starvation, sleep deprivation, and threats against my life, sometimes with deadly weapons which would result in me having severe panic attacks where I was unable to breathe or stop shaking. Sometimes he would not allow me to sleep until I participated in acts of fear, pain, torture, and humiliation which I felt powerless to stop.”

Wood was there to advocate for the Phoenix Act, which extends the time domestic abuse survivors have to press charges against their abuser. It became law in California last year.

State Senator Susan Rubio from the San Gabriel Valley sponsored the bill and sat beside Wood as she delivered her testimony. Rubio is also a survivor of domestic abuse, and she’s now demanding the FBI investigate Manson.



  • Susan Rubio - State Senator representing District 22 in the San Gabriel Valley