Enjoy Passover and Easter meals outdoors at Redbird, a.o.c., or even your own backyard

By Evan Kleiman

It’s not every year that Passover and Easter dovetail like this one, but when they do, there is so much opportunity for festive eating, even if restaurants aren’t completely open. Here is a short list of where I’d like to enjoy either sitting outside or ordering takeout so I can sit outside in my garden:


This American restaurant in downtown LA has two beautiful outdoor dining spaces that are perfect for a prix-fixe Easter brunch. 

The garden at Redbird during brunch. Photo courtesy of Redbird.

Menu items include Kaya toast, tangerine beets, white asparagus with crab, bagel with smoked trout, and Scotch egg. 

Tangerine beets at Redbird. Photo courtesy of Redbird.

Main course selections include ricotta cavatelli, frittata with lobster, salmon, duck confit chilaquiles, and lamb belly hash. 

Duck confit chilaquiles at Redbird. Photo courtesy of Redbird.

There’s a children’s menu too. And of course they have dreamy cocktails.

“Good Morning Vietnam” cocktail at Redbird. Photo by Mary Costa.


This American restaurant in Culver City is doing a DIY Easter Brunch Box — in case you want to stick close to home but have some help. 

The menu includes their famed avocado toast, duck fat roasted potato “millefeuille,” a Neuske bacon “steak,” caramelized onion financier, and blueberry parfait. Oh, and eggs.  

Milo + Olive

On Saturday April 3, this Santa Monica bakery and pizzeria is hosting an Easter Market on the back patio, selling hot cross buns and other delicious baked goods for the holiday. While you’re shopping for yourself, you can leave behind items you bring to support the local nonprofit Black Women Lead. They are collecting Easter baskets for children and hygiene kits, toiletries and new socks for the unhoused. 

Birdie G 

This Santa Monica restaurant was besieged with Passover to-go orders, so they’re not taking any more, but you can still go and have one of the best bowls of matzo ball soup in the city on their patio.


This Silver Lake restaurant and bar is doing family-style Passover to go during April 2-4. Some menu highlights include choice glazed brisket, roast chicken or whole branzino, which include their signature waffle latkes. I really love those. Dessert is flourless chocolate cake from Proof if you need more incentive.

Brisket from Freedman's. Photo courtesy of Freedman's. 


This Culver City restaurant is doing Easter brunch and dinner on the patios, as well as the option to take out or have the meals delivered. For lunch, there is a choice of quiche plus steak and eggs with asparagus hollandaise (plus more). Dinner is a celebration of all things spring. Take a look at the menus.

Scones with jam during brunch at Akasha. Photo courtesy of Akasha.

Quiche during brunch at Akasha. Photo courtesy of Akasha.

Easter brunch pastries at Akasha. Photo courtesy of Akasha.

Easter treats from Akasha. Photo courtesy of Akasha.


This wine bar and restaurant in Beverly Grove will have their regular fabulous brunch menu with two patios and indoor dining, plus dinner with some seasonal specials.

A sandwich, fries, olives, and bread during brunch at a.o.c. Photo courtesy of a.o.c. 

Chicken and waffles during brunch at a.o.c. Photo courtesy of a.o.c. 

Moroccan chicken salad during brunch at a.o.c. Photo courtesy of a.o.c. 


This American chophouse near West Hollywood will have Easter specials for dinner with sidewalk and indoor dining plus the traditional Jar menu.

Sauteed soft shell crab at Jar. Photo courtesy of Jar. 

Brussels Sprouts with kimchi at Jar. Photo courtesy of Jar. 

Kabocha squash with sage at Jar. 


This modern Cantina in Venice/Marina del Rey may not be doing an Easter-themed meal, but it has a big brunch menu with a lot of outdoor seating and some indoor too. Here’s the dinner menu.

Outdoor seating at Nueva. Photo by Stefanie Parkinson Spothopper. 

Brunch items at Nueva. Photo by Stefanie Parkinson Spothopper.

An avocado omelette at Nueva. Photo by Stefanie Parkinson Spothopper.


Italians know how to do Easter when it comes to eating all that spring has to offer, so go wander around and pick up a Colomba and have an artichoke and some asparagus at one of the eating places.

Marie Callender’s

Spring wouldn’t be spring without a fresh strawberry pie from Marie Calendar’s. 

Donut Man  

As strawberry pie is to some, the Donut Man strawberry donut is to others. It’s a gloriously messy mouthful of seasonal fruit tucked into a sizable glazed donut.


And if you live in Santa Barbara or the glorious weather induces you to take a drive, check out these spots: 

Santa Barbara Easter brunch:

Lucky Penny
La Paloma (will have seasonal specials)
Helena Avenue Bakery

Santa Barbara Easter dinner with seasonal specials:

The Lark