‘Eat This Book’: LA artist Stacy Michelson brings her unique drawings and fun food facts to new book

LA-based artist Stacy Michelson decided a few years ago to illustrate every episode of Good Food for an entire year. Her food drawings are bright, colorful, and a lot of fun. Imagine an avocado that looks like it just came from a workout, or a champagne flute with cool sunglasses. 

Now Michelson has a book full of her food illustrations. It’s called “Eat This Book: Knowledge to Feed Your Appetite and Inspire Your Next Meal.”

It includes tips and fun facts about some of the world’s favorite — and sometimes misunderstood — foods. For example: The ancient Egyptians created marshmallows. Pizza Hut was the biggest buyer of kale until the last decade. Mochi ice cream was created in LA. More than 11 billion avocados are consumed each year around the globe, and Americans eat them most on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day.

Stacy Michelson writes that just one or two drops of liquid smoke adds extra flavor that can enhance your dish. Image courtesy of Stacy Michelson. 

Half of a marshmallow is air, writes Stacy Michelson. Image courtesy of Stacy Michelson. 

Stacy Michelson is known for bright, colorful, and fun food drawings. Photo by Camellia Tse.