Loni Love on hosting a show from home, finding a special someone during COVID-19

Loni Love likes to joke about the single life, but she’s serious about this quarantine and COVID-19. 

She’s co-host of the Emmy Award-winning daytime talk show “The Real” on Fox. Her forthcoming memoir is “I Tried to Change So You Don't Have To: True Life Lessons.”

She and her talk show co-hosts have been doing their show virtually. She says the new workflow has been more convenient, but it comes with technical challenges. 

“We don't have a control room anymore. We don't have a studio. We don't have the audience. We don't have hair. We don't have makeup. And all of that really does make a show,” she says. 

Love says communication is the most important part of production. Only one producer talks to each host. Love has taken it upon herself to help direct the show. She also aids in audio engineering, adding laugh tracks and all. 

When it comes to a live audience, Love says, “[COVID-19] makes you really realize the importance of having a studio and being with an audience. And you miss it.”

She’s also conscious of how [virtual] viewers will perceive her home during the pandemic. She says some people have broadcasted from a massive kitchen or next to a pool. 

“A lot of people, they don't have things. And times are about to get tighter and tighter and tighter. My concern is that I don't want to make someone feel bad,” Love says. 

Because of the pandemic, “The Real” has served two purposes: provide COVID-19 updates and create feel-good content. 

“We're able to provide information, not necessarily political, but just practical things. … I try to put people on that will give proper information,” she says.

Some people are living with false senses of security, Love points out.

It’s critical for communities to come together and listen to scientists and doctors, she says. “We’re supposed to be united — the United States — and right now we’re not. Until we do get united, we’re going to have some issues.”

Trying to date during COVID-19? Here’s Loni Love’s advice

Despite being locked up, Love says technology like Zoom or dating apps can help people connect.

“The bar is gonna be at your house, and he's gonna be on your computer or your phone. Love is still there. It’s available.”

She thinks some of the relationships that blossom out of COVID-19 will be deeper than your run-of-the-mill pre-pandemic love.

“You won't be able to see them. … You have to develop a date night, you have to know what you want to talk about with that person,” she says. “It’s not just this physical [connection], it’s going to be that intellectual connection as well.” 

But Love also thinks the pandemic might be the best time to reconnect with yourself. 

“This is the time for us to self-focus. ... Start setting goals, just little goals to help you get through it. Because once this pandemic is over, we’ll all be outside eating barbecue.”

— Written by Danielle Chiriguayo and Amy Ta, produced by Angie Perrin



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