Alta Baja Market, LASA, other restaurants offer home meal kits

Restaurants have been closed for more than five weeks. It’s probably been a while since you got a meal cooked by an actual chef. But some restaurants across the city are offering do-it-yourself meal kits, so you can create their recipes at home.

Good Food host Evan Kleiman says some of her favorite meal kits are from these restaurants:

LASA - The modern Filipino restaurant offers five different meal kits for two to four people, including Whole Roasted Chicken Inasal or Braised Brisket Kare Kare.

Noodles and soups at LASA. Photo courtesy of LASA. 

Seoul Sausage Co. - Chef Chris Oh offer Korean BBQ kits complete with banchan.

Few For All - They offer a kit with fresh pasta, sauce, cookie dough. They give a pound of free food to the LA Food Bank for every meal kit ordered.

La Vegana Mexicana (in Santa Ana) - These aren't so much kits as deliveries of killer vegan tamales. The tamales are fluffy and moist, and Kleiman says she’s never tasted better vegan cheese. La Vegana Mexicana offers a Tamales and Chill package. They deliver on Saturdays to LA.

Alta Baja Market (in Santa Ana). The vegan version of Delilah Snell’s pozole has been written about in the New Yorker. Her pozole — vegan and traditional pork — have a devoted following (including Kleiman). Her Pozole family pack for four is generous.

Pozole at Alta Baja Market. Photo credit: Delilah Snell. 

“When I heated up the bowl of pozole, and added it all together, and carried it to my dining room table, I felt like a fog had been lifted from my spirit,” says Kleiman.

Alta Baja Market is also known for tamales. Photo credit: Delilah Snell.