How OB/GYN education could be affected by fall of Roe v. Wade

“It will definitely be harder to attract the top [OB/GYN residency] candidates if we are not offering top-quality training in abortion care,” says Dr. David Turok, an OB/GYN in Salt Lake City. Photo by Shutterstock.

Starting this August, performing an abortion in Oklahoma will be a felony. KCRW checks in with Dr. Rebecca Taub, an OB/GYN who regularly travels to Oklahoma, and now Kansas, to relieve overburdened physicians. 

Nearly half of all U.S. OB/GYN residency programs are in states that could ban abortions if Roe v. Wade falls. But abortion care can be applied to other specialties.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been surveilling anyone living in the U.S., from immigrants to citizens, and it can get around state laws that try to protect undocumented people, says a new report.

Julia Morgan designed California's iconic Hearst Castle, and hundreds of her buildings have survived earthquakes. She’s the focus of a new book by Victoria Kastner.

Apple is pulling the plug on the iPod, which came out in 2001. The first version cost some $400. Several generations came out, plus the Mini, Nano, Shuffle, and finally the iPod Touch.