‘Lost Hills’ podcast investigates murder of a man camping in Malibu and how police responded

In the mountains above Malibu in June 2018, Tristan Beaudette was shot and killed in the middle of the night. He was asleep in his tent next to his two young daughters while they were camping in Malibu Creek State Park. His murder followed six other mysterious shootings in and near the park. Everyone else survived, and one other person had non-serious injuries. 

The shootings terrified this California community. Police ultimately arrested and charged a homeless man who lived in those mountains. He’s still awaiting trial. 

Now a new podcast called “Lost Hills” investigates the murder and the other shootings. It looks at why the Sheriff's Department took so long to warn the public there was a shooter on the loose.



  • Dana Goodyear - staff writer at the New Yorker and host of the podcast “Lost Hills: The Dark Prince”