‘Project Power’ is original and scratches the summer blockbuster itch, critics say

In “Project Power,” a pill gives people unpredictable superpowers temporarily. Photo courtesy of Netflix

Critics review “Sputnik,” a Russian-language film about a space explorer who returns to earth with an alien parasite inside him; “Boys State,” about an annual program where 1000 male Texas high school seniors gather to build a mock state government; “Endless,” about a young man who dies in a car accident but tries to reconnect with his love; “Project Power,” about a teenage drug dealer, local cop, and former soldier who try to find out who created a pill that gives people unpredictable superpowers for five minutes.  


William Bibbiani - film critic and co-host of the podcast “Canceled Too Soon” and “Critically Acclaimed” - @williambibbiani, Katie Walsh - film reviewer for the Tribune News Service and the Los Angeles Times - @katiewalshstx

Madeleine Brand

Sarah Sweeney, Michell Eloy, Amy Ta, Rosalie Atkinson, Brian Hardzinski, Angie Perrin