'Jawline' and the weird world of live broadcasting on social media

Being a social media influencer means getting fame, fans, free shoes, possibly riches and world travel. The new Hulu documentary, "Jawline," follows a then 15-year-old aspiring influencer Austyn Tester, who grew up poor in a small town in Tennessee, where about 15,000 live. 

He live-streams videos about his life and creates virtual relationships with his fans. "There is no talent involved in it. So it's actually just about simulating a relationship… There's no singing or dancing aspect to it. It's selling connection," describes director Liza Mandelup. 

Austyn Tester taking a selfie in "Jawline." Credit: Hulu. 

Most of his fans are young teenage girls. Mandelup explains, "Girls at that age start craving that sort of attention, and they start developing feelings that feel very intense. And these boys kind of act as this fantasy of like the boy that they wish they knew at school."

Austyn Tester and his fans in "Jawline."  Credit: Hulu.