Death divided art world: New podcast looks at Carl Andre, Ana Mendieta

“Death of an Artist” is a podcast hosted by curator Helen Molesworth. Credit: Pushkin Industries.

On a cool September night in 1985, artist Ana Mendieta fell out of her New York City apartment window and died. She was 36 years old when she fell from the 34th floor, and was a rising star in the city’s art scene. She was known for painting with blood, exploring violence against women in her work. 

A few months before her death, she married sculptor Carl Andre, and Mendieta’s friends and family believed he killed her during an argument. Andre was persecuted for murder and acquitted. His career has flourished in the decades since then. But how much should the circumstances surrounding Mendieta’s death be factored in when considering Andre’s work and his place in the art world? That idea is explored in a new podcast called “Death of an Artist,” hosted by curator Helen Molesworth.