'Isle of Dogs:' Massive feat of design and stop-motion animation

Wes Anderson’s “Isle of Dogs” takes place in a futuristic Japan, where the mayor has banned all dogs to an island of trash. We meet eccentric ex-house pets who are losing hope after months of eating trash. More than 1000 puppets were used to portray the dogs and human characters, along with hand-painted mini dioramas and countless miniature props.

(From L-R): Bob Balaban as “King,” Jeff Goldblum as “Duke,”
Bill Murray as “Boss,” Edward Norton as “Rex,” Bryan Cranston as "Chief,”
and Koyu Rankin as “Atari Kobayashi” in the film "Isle of Dogs."

Bill Murray as “Boss” in the film "Isle of Dogs." 

Images courtesy of Fox Searchlight Pictures



  • Paul Harrod - production designer, “Isle of Dogs”