CA could pay you thousands to go electric after new gas car ban

A car is plugged in at an electric vehicle charging station at USC. “There will definitely be a big growth in … the more attainable, affordable EVs [space]. … General Motors and Hyundai and Kia and Ford and others are absolutely going to be moving into that high [$20,000], mid-to-high $30,000 price range over the next year or two,” says Alan Ohnsman, senior editor at Forbes. Photo by Amy Ta/KCRW

The California Air Resources Board is expected to finalize Gov. Newsom’s order that bans the sale of gas-powered cars by 2035. People will still be able to buy a used gas car here.

When Rapid City got a new conservative school board, a principal preemptively banned Dave Eggers’ “The Circle.” The author uncovered an atmosphere of fear among teachers.

School boards nationwide are now a battleground for the nation’s culture wars. One of the biggest groups leading the charge is Moms for Liberty.

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