All Eyes on Congress as House Votes on War Funding Bill

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The House today set a deadline: US troops home from Iraq by the end of August next year. Some liberals who want to end the war now went along, even though the deadline is part of a spending bill to support the troops in the meantime.  Is it political posturing or the start of something big? In addition to soldiers, there’s a staggering quantity of arms and equipment. Would a pull-out be a logistical nightmare? Is it all moot anyway, because the Army’s running out of deployable troops? What would a pull-out look like, especially one conducted under the pressure of a binding deadline?  We hear from journalists, peace activists, defense and security experts.



  • Matt Stoller - Political activist and consultant
  • Medea Benjamin - cofounder of the peace activist organization CODEPINK, author of “War in Ukraine: Making Sense of a Senseless Conflict”
  • Nile Gardiner - former Advisor to Rudy Giuliani
  • Robert Scales - US Army (retired)
  • David Wood - National Security Correspondent,


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