Inauguration Day for President Barack Obama

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Barack Hussein Obama is now president of the United States. Today, we’ll hear excerpts from his inaugural address and talk about what he called “a moment that will define a generation.”

David Kusnet - Chief speechwriter for President Bill Clinton from 1992 to 1994; Author, Robert Schlesinger - Deputy Editor at US News and World Report, Harold Holzer - Author of 31 books on Pres. Lincoln, Peniel Joseph - University of Texas at Austin - @PenielJoseph, Robert Ford - South Carolina State Senate, John Ridley - Screenwriter, Director and Novelist; "Let It Fall", Debra Dickerson - essayist and author, Mary Kate Cary - University of Virginia / US News and World Report - @mkcary

Warren Olney

Christian Bordal, Sonya Geis