Barack Obama, the Middle East and Iran

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Israel and Hamas have rebuffed peace overtures, and the fighting in Gaza goes on, with President-elect Obama in the midst of choosing his foreign policy team. Israel says Iran is behind Hamas' rocket fire, and Obama today called Iran a "genuine threat" to America's national security.  But he also repeated his campaign pledge to rely on diplomacy in the region, adding that "my national security team is a reflection of that practical, pragmatic approach to foreign policy." We hear about his most likely advisors.  Will they open up to Arab and Muslim interests or continue the hard-line, pro-Israel line of the Bush Administration? 


Ceci Connolly - National Health Policy Reporter, Washington Post, Trita Parsi - Executive Vice President of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft - @tparsi, Daniel Levy - European Council on Foreign Relations - @ecfr, Robert Malley - International Crisis Group - @Rob_Malley, David Makovsky - Washington Institute for Near East Policy

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