Barack Obama: The Phenomenon and the Candidate

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With Barack Obama making inroads with every Democratic constituency, Time magazine is asking, "Is it Too Late for Hillary?" At the same time, the Economist, with a picture of Obama on next week's cover, asks, "But Could He Deliver?" Obama's appeal is based, in part, on race, rhetoric and the promise of national unity. What does he want to do on Iraq, the economy and other issues the next president will be faced with? Can he withstand the scrutiny that goes with his current front-runner status?


Geoff Elliott - Washington Correspondent, The Australian, Joel Stein - author of “In Defense of Elitism: Why I’m Better Than You and You Are Better Than Someone Who Didn’t Buy This Book” - @thejoelstein, Rosalind Burd-Leszczuk - Mother of Los Angeles Times columnist, Joel Stein, Mathew Littman - former speechwriter for Senator Joe Biden, James Pethokoukis - American Enterprise Institute - @jimpethokoukis

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