The Story behind the News from Syria

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America's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could be covered from news bureaus established in Baghdad or Kabul. Syria's civil war is a different story in more ways than one. After three years and 100,000 casualties, the war is so complicated by religious, tribal -- even international -- rivalries that it's hard to know just who's fighting the government, let alone why. Western promises to "arm the rebels" are compromised by all the uncertainty. It's a major challenge as well to the reporters we all rely on to bring us the news. Reporters without any base of support are targets for the Assad regime — and rebel forces as well. Those who can speak the language still have to disguise themselves to blend in, without knowing if their protectors can really be trusted. We ask veteran combat reporters about the challenges of getting the story and, most important of all, are they getting it right?






Warren Olney