The Wolfowitz Showdown at the World Bank

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The World Bank is a multilateral institution intended to rid the world of poverty. Big European donors have a powerful voice but the United States picks the Bank's president. Now they're at loggerheads over Paul Wolfowitz, chosen two years ago by President Bush after helping to plan the Iraq War as top aide to Donald Rumsfeld. Controversial from the start--Wolfowitz's polices and management style have alienated both the Bank's staff and donor countries, his downfall may be caused by a personal issue. He's accused of damaging the Bank's effectiveness and his own anti-corruption crusade by arranging special treatment for his girlfriend, Shaha Riza. Will there be a showdown between President Bush and the leaders of Europe? What's at stake the international effort to end poverty?  We talk about a crisis unprecedented for the 60-year old international institution.




Warren Olney