President Bush Fighting to Stay Relevant

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Two term presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton had their problems, but Iran-Contra and Monica Lewinsky were not the war in Iraq.  Add the flap over Walter Reed, the trial of "Scooter" Libby, the firings of US Attorneys and the defections of former aides.  It all adds up to a lame-duck president with 21 months left in office. Can a beleaguered chief executive regain the initiative?  We talk with some loyal Republicans who say they're fed up and hear about the awesome powers of the White House.



  • Victor Gold - Former Senior Advisor to President George Bush, Sr
  • Thomas Mann - Brookings Institution / University of California, Berkeley - @BrookingsGov
  • Jim Nuzzo - Deputy Director of Policy for President George Bush, Sr
  • Bruce Buchanan - Professor of Government, University of Texas at Austin


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