Senate Republican Goes Cold on Climate Bill

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Fallout from Arizona's new immigration law has already reached the US Senate, where Harry Reid now say it's time to deal with what is, after all, a federal issue. Republican Lindsay Graham calls that a “cynical ploy” to appeal to Hispanic voters, and he's backing away from a bipartisan compromise on climate change. Cut to California, where Texas oil companies are spending big money to repeal what's now the toughest climate-change law in the country. If voters agree in November, will the effort to curb global warming suffer a double whammy?



  • Bryan Walsh - Axios correspondent covering emerging technology and global trends - @bryanrwalsh
  • Eric Pica - Director of Domestic Policy Campaigns, Friend of the Earth
  • Jim DiPeso - Policy Director, Republicans for Environmental Protection
  • Margot Roosevelt - economy and labor reporter, LA Times
  • Luke Popovich - Vice President of Communications, National Mining Association


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