A new president. What comes next?

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For the 45th time, America has accomplished a peaceful transition of power-- leaving the country with a sense of uncertainty about the future. President Donald Trump's inaugural address repeated familiar themes from his campaign for office. The President painted a dark picture of the nation's current condition, and promised to disempower the Washington elite — but he was short on specifics. Did he reassure the majority of Americans who voted for Hillary Clinton?


Josh Lederman - Associated Press - @joshledermanAP, Kathleen Hall Jamieson - Professor of communications at the University of Pennsylvania - @APPCPenn, Mary Kate Cary - University of Virginia / US News and World Report - @mkcary, Timothy O'Brien - Bloomberg View - @TimOBrien, Mark Bauerlein - Emory University / First Things - @mark_bauerlein, Laila Alawa - The Tempest - @lulainlife

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