Earth Day: Past, Present and Future

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LakeGruyere.jpgIt's Good Friday, Passover is still underway, and it's also what some call the high holiday of the environmental movement. Now observed in 192 countries, Earth Day was founded in the United States 41 years ago, by Democratic Senator Gaylord Nelson and Republican Congressman Pete McClosky. But the original Washington-based bipartisanship is a thing of the past, and environmental science is under assault from interests that oppose regulations they say will kill jobs and raise energy costs. On this 41st Earth Day we leave partisanship for another day and get some mainstream assessments of the health of the planet and how it can be improved.

Photo: A boat on the dried shores of Lake Gruyere, affected by continuous drought near the western Switzerland village of Avry-devant-Pont. Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images


Mike Hirshfield - Oceana, Tom Lovejoy - George Mason University, Carter Roberts - World Wildlife Fund, Barbara Finamore - Natural Resources Defense Council

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Christian Bordal, Sonya Geis, Katie Cooper