Body Camera Footage and the Latest LAPD Skid Row Shooting

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This past Sunday, Los Angeles police officers wearing body cameras killed an unarmed black man. Cell phones were focused on the incident, too. Protesters gathered today at the site of Sunday's fatal shooting and marched to headquarters of the LAPD. Just yesterday, President Obama called for "prompt action to change police practices across the country — in the aftermath of police shootings in Ferguson, Missouri, Staten Island, New York and Cleveland, Ohio.

Speaking to the media yesterday, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck addressed the abundance of video evidence from surveillance cameras to cell phones to footage recorded by the officers themselves. "There are also two officers with body cameras, and that offers a unique perspective that we believe will be crucial to determining the propriety of the officers' actions. And I know that the media would love to have that video and it would certainly serve the purposes of the media cycle, but at this point in the investigation, it would not be proper for us to release it."

Adam Nagourney, Los Angeles Bureau Chief for the New York Times, has more on the story.




Warren Olney