The politics of incivility

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Historically, the US has been a “nation of immigrants,” but the welcome mat comes and goes. The current crisis at the Mexican border didn’t start with President Trump. And the US bears much responsibility for the chaos and violence that are driving Central Americans northward in search of asylum. It turns out that selective historical memory is shaping coverage by the mainstream media and feeding the hyper-partisanship of Democrats as well as Republicans.  


Miranda Cady Hallett - Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology, University of Dayton in Ohio - @univofdayton, Daniel Danvir - Journalist, Visiting Fellow in International and Public Affairs at Brown University’s Watson Institute. - @DanielDenvir, Julian Zelizer - Princeton University - @julianzelizer, Kathleen Hall Jamieson - Professor of communications at the University of Pennsylvania - @APPCPenn

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