Firestorms, Federal Relief and Climate Change

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Deadly fires have roared across parts of Northern and Southern California this week, incinerating anything in their paths. Climate experts warn that drier stronger Santa Anas and non-native vegetation will turn these super fires into a new “normal.” But have cities exacerbated this reality by over permitting development which include utility lines in fire zones? Also, what happens when a firestorm turns everything you own into dust?

Photo credits: Andrea Brody.


Stephen Pyne - Arizona State University - @asuSOLS, Alexandra Syphard - Chief scientist with SAGE Underwriters. Also a fire specialist at the Conservation Biology Institute and adjunct faculty at San Diego State University. - @ConsBio, David Wallace-Wells - New York magazine - @dwallacewells, Martin Dugan - Malibu home owner who lost his property in the Woolsey Fire

Warren Olney

Andrea Brody