GM Recall: How Much Did They Know and When Did They Know It?

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Over the weekend, General Motors increased this year's vehicle recalls to 4.8 million — six times more than it recalled last year. But, for almost 10 years, it failed to recall Chevy Cobalts and other cars with defective ignition switches linked to at least 13 fatal accidents. Was there criminal action? We get the background as CEO Mary Barra prepares to testify on Capitol Hill starting tomorrow. Also, a UN 'Climate Change' report says entire planet being affected, and Cesar Chavez, warts and all. A recent biography reveals a more complex life than the new movie.

Banner image: Consulting materials engineer Mark Hood shows the ignition assembly which has a faulty 2005 ignition switch (black piece at left), in the mechanical testing laboratory at McSwain Engineering, Inc. in Pensacola, Florida, March 28, 2014. Photo: Michael Spooneybarger/Reuters