Keeping the Home and Homeland Safe

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At the beginning of next year, America will be exchanging one government leader for another, but one issue will remain the same in the age of terrorism: a mother's concern about the security of her children. As the prospective Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump has a special challenge: persuading women that he's on their side. "I'm getting bad press with women but I think we're going to change that and turn that around -- lot of women are saying, 'we like Donald Trump because we feel he's going to be strong from the standpoint of protection on ISIS, on the border, on other countries.'"

Juliette Kayyem is former Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security, now founder of her own security consulting firm and author of Security Mom: An Unclassified Guide to Protecting Our Homeland and Your Home.



  • Juliette Kayyem - former assistant secretary for homeland security under President Barack Obama, and chair of the homeland security program at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government - @juliettekayyem


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