Animal Rights on the Way to the Slaughterhouse

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Arizona and Florida now ban the raising of pregnant pigs in confining cages. Oregon's Democratic Congressman Peter DeFazio has introduced a federal law to promote more humane treatment of all farm animals. Now, celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck says his restaurants and frozen foods will only use meat from animals that have been humanely treated.  From Wolfgang Puck to Burger King, animal rights are going mainstream. Will meats and poultry be different if there's less cruelty on the way to the slaughterhouse?



  • Marlene Shyer - Autor of fiction books for adults and children
  • Steven Grover - VP of Food Safety, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance for Burger King
  • Paul Shapiro - Director of the Humane Society's Factory Farming Campaign
  • Dave Radlo - CEO of Radlo Foods


Warren Olney