The New York Times and WikiLeaks

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tp110127open_secrets.jpgThe New York Times is one of five publications which first published State Department cables and other secret documents provided by WikiLeaks and its controversial founder Julian Assange. But during the process, there was a falling out. Now the Times is publishing an electronic book about how it all happened. Open Secrets: WikiLeaks, War and American Diplomacy will go on sale on Amazon, Apple's iBooks and other e-platforms. WikiLeaks has denounced it as "another self-serving smear" and "a dark day for US journalism." Chief Washington correspondent David Sanger is one of the authors.



  • David Sanger - Pulitzer Prize-winning White House and national security correspondent for the New York Times, author of “New Cold Wars: China’s Rise, Russia’s Invasion, and America’s Struggle to Defend The West” - @SangerNYT


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