National Issues and Local Elections

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Absentee ballots already are being cast, but most voting won't happen until Tuesday.  With less than a week before the mid-term elections, the war in Iraq means big trouble for Republicans, according to nationwide polls. But control of the next Congress will depend on local voting for Senate seats in 33 states and for House seats in 435 different districts. Many races are so close that control of the Congress and Senate could depend on some last-minute development nobody's thought of before. Despite dwindling support nationwide, can President Bush still make a difference? Are the candidates addressing the issues their constituents want to hear about most?  What are prospective voters seeing on TV? We take a look at some cliff-hangers around the country to see how local issues and circumstances might impact the outcome.


Andrew Kohut - Pew Research Center - @pewresearch, Ken Warren - St. Louis University, Stuart Elway - Head of Elway Research, Tom Baxter - Chief Political Correspondent for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jonathan Riskind - Washington Bureau Chief, Columbus Dispatch, Todd Gillman - Dallas Morning News - @toddgillman

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